Military customers are demanding and unique, requiring special care and attention. Confidentiality reigns as a considerable requirement for each sale. J&M proudly has been in defense contracting since the early 1990’s and continues to value our role in this business.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

MRE Meals (Meals Ready to Eat)

The product most in demand by the Militaries throughout the world remains MREs. Each J&M® MRE meal fulfills the US Surgeon General’s requirements for vitamins, minerals and nutritional value required for active in-field use.

We deem it our job to help keep our military well nourished. Accordingly, we provide nutritious and delicious MREs supporting those men and women protecting our freedoms!

Each J&M® halal certified MRE case has twelve (12) J&M® brand MRE meal pouches plus an accessory pack called a My Kind of Meal® which is a bag filled with brand name accompaniments. Inside each bag are commercially-packed snacks, cereal, crackers, dried fruit, along with caffeinated coffee and cocoa.


J&M® Shelf Stable Halal Meals in Trays and Pouches for Government Needs

While most military demand relates to MRE meals, submarines, ships, and canteen or field kitchens may use just the J&M® halal meals in either the pouches or trays, depending upon the situation. These activities are equipped for fresh meal preparation. Either way, we respond and deliver immediately from our inventories with care, attention and quick turnaround.

Easy to Order Including Surging Demand

US Government personnel and US Military personnel can easily order any of our halal MREs or meals through our GSA contract, Contract # GS-07F-0544W. Or they can also be ordered through separate contracts or via Government Credit Card, depending upon the need and situation.

A full description of each MRE menu and our capability to surge is found on the product MRE page. A full description of each of the J&M® shelf stable meals is on the Meal Description page.