J&M Food Products Company proudly brings you premium quality and delicious shelf stable meals, halal MREs and halal meals.  We use only the best, wholesome ingredients and well-trimmed meats to offer healthy options to your own Mother’s home cooking.  Nothing can ever beat Mom’s home cooking but when you are away from home such as at school, working late, camping, climbing mountains, serving in the armed forces for our country, or preparing for disasters, you can still enjoy a mouth-watering meal.  Just reheat and within minutes, your meal is ready.

J&M® halal MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) include brand name items you know and love.  An MRE is used by militaries, first responders and disaster relief agencies all over the world.  Our MREs have a J&M® pouch meal packed together with other brand-name food items such as dried fruits, bagel chips, snacks and granola bars to provide the energy and nutrition required by soldiers.  Our halal meals and halal MREs are all halal certified either by IFANCA or other halal certifying agencies approved by IFANCA.

We ship directly from our inventory to retail stores, institutions, government and disaster relief agencies, distributors, US and international militaries and wherever they are needed.  Our expert food team is available to assist in menu planning and to help with practical solutions to meet religious meal requirements.  (See Halal Industrial Production Manual)

J&M®  Halal MREs and Shelf Stable Meals:

  • Dhabiha Halal Certified
  • Great-tasting
  • Wholesome
  • Excellent Quality
  • No Refrigeration Needed

Perfect for:

  • late night dinners
  • lunches
  • travel
  • dormitories/schools
  • emergencies / disaster relief efforts
  • camping / militaries / expeditions
  • special dietary needs
  • anytime home cooking is not possible
J&M® Products are Certified Halal and Dhabiha Halal
and meet strict Islamic Halal standards established by the
Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)
Founded 1982.

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