Our Solution for Your Halal Meal Programs

Institutions with either a consistent Muslim clientele level or with a variable and fluctuating population find J&M® halal meals and My Own Meal® (MOM™) dual certified kosher and halal meals to be the perfect solution. We recommend our four (4) meal varieties that are fully cooked and can be consumed as-is but all meals always taste better after warmed in a microwave for just a minute or a few minutes in hot water or steam. Ready to use and packaged in modern, stand-up pouches.

While vegetarian meals like our My Own Meal® vegetarian meal variety pouches can be dual certified both kosher and halal, meat meals cannot be dual certified because the slaughter man must practice his respective faith.

Fast Delivery Turnaround

J&M processes an order and ships either the same or next shipping day. We ship Monday through Thursday via UPS (United Parcel Services) or by commercial truck service for pallet orders. Within days, the product arrives and is ready to use.

Quick and Convenient Halal Meals
Just Warm and Serve or Serve As-Is

Packaged in convenient plastic, stand-up pouches, J&M® and My Own Meal® halal meals are fully-cooked and ready-to-eat as-is.  For more flavor, the tray meals can be warmed in a microwave oven for about a minute, or in vertical steam tray units, or by placing them into hot water for just a few minutes.

And if an emergency arises at the institution, each J&M® and MOM™ halal meal can be consumed as is, although meals always taste better hot. We taste test each batch cold before we ship them to you so we know that they taste delicious even unheated.

Ambient Temperature Storage

With easy and convenient in dry storage at ambient temperatures. J&M® halal meals and My Own Meal® vegetarian halal meals do not take precious and limited refrigerator or freezer space. In fact, they should not be stored in the freezer or cold refrigeration which could damage either the packaging or the quality of the meal itself. We developed the recipes with shelf stable storage in mind.

Resources Available for Menu Planning of Halal Meals

We can assist in menu planning ideas and preparation alternatives. To help you understand more about what halal certification means, we co-authored a concise Halal Industrial Production Standards© reference book.  It includes a quick reference Appendix listing the halal status of many common ingredients. It does not replace proper Islamic supervision but rather explains the process and the benefits of halal certification.  Institutions, US and local governments, and private companies worldwide use this book in food service employee training.