J&M Builds Confidence in the US and Abroad

We recognize that contracting officers and buyers from both the U.S. Government and our Allies often struggle with what to buy and from where. They may speculate about whether the potential supplier of the products is trustworthy.

Developing mutual confidence involves years of successful and reliable sales in the halal and shelf stable meals markets. This is why U.S. and international government customers depend upon J&M, time and again. We are well-known for several decades of consistently reliable and successful production and distribution experience. We built our strong reputation for excellence, quality and great tasting meals.

Broadening Our US Military Experience

Since 1991, J&M has been an active leader in the halal market. We created the US Military’s halal emergency ration program, a program which had never before existed. As the first US Defense contractor to supply halal MREs, J&M educated, marketed and worked with all US Military services to assure the program’s success. We immediately and decisively responded to huge surges for emergency rations and subsequent ebbs in demand.

We unfalteringly responded to humanitarian relief and disaster crises, such as the Pakistan flood in 2010. We provided life-saving emergency rations to swells of refugees displaced by war or natural disaster such as in Pakistan in 2009 and the Syrian Yazidis in 2014.

We have shipped our halal emergency rations supporting US actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Pakistan and other countries primarily through the US Military. We also ship to select countries directly.